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Advance warning: the next book up is Lady Larkspur Declines

If you want to read the book we’ll be discussing next, it’s Lady Larkspur Declines (Signet). This book prompted me to wake my husband up at midnight to complain (as well as spawning a Facebook and a Twitter screed). It is extremely problematic, but misery loves company. (But just don’t say I didn’t warn you!)

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    • Queen of Hats

      I know. It’s really, really tough. The first fifty pages were completely unnecessary. Then, between the completely unlikeable, inconsistent heroine (that I hoped would drown many times), the anachronistic language (sanitarium! AH!), and the fast-moving sailboat (which seems to move an awful lot like a speedboat — hello, wind power?) assassination attempt — not even mentioning the botched American Revolution/1812 bits — it gets worse! Just wait until George IV shows up! And then it gets WORSE!


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